Unified Management of Your Virtualization and Cloud Platforms.

ConVirt is a powerful cloud management platform for Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Use ConVirt if you need quota and user management for Amazon Web Services, if you want to offer hybrid cloud services to your customers, or if you want to manage your virtualization and cloud infrastructure from a "single pane of glass".

The Challenge of Managing Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) dominates the public cloud, and its ease of use and access has driven huge adoption. But the ease with which these services can be accessed has led to a proliferation of loosely managed (and often unmanaged) AWS accounts in many enterprises, sometimes leading to unexpected financial “surprises” or security breaches. There are a number of reasons for these challenges:

  • No Limits! – Unlike other data center management systems, Amazon Web Services does not provide a strong toolset to control access to Amazon systems. So while Amazon has recently introduced user-based access controls, it remains extremely difficult to control or limit the usage of these resources, and charge back customers and business units. 
    The challenge – how to apply and enforce your existing data center quota and user management policies and governance to Amazon Web Services?
  • Siloed/Fragmented Virtualization and Cloud Management – There are important business reasons why some workloads will run in the cloud, and others will stay firmly rooted in your virtualized data center. But Amazon’s built-in management utilities create yet another management silo and platform specific toolset that your administrators will have to become experts with, and across which you will need to apply enterprise-wide governance and security policies. 
    The challenge – how do you break down these silos to make Amazon a first class citizen in your data center, and manage from a single pane of glass?

ConVirt for Amazon Web Services

ConVirt delivers enterprise-grade infrastructure management for Amazon Web Services, enabling you to manage your public cloud infrastructure in a highly scalable and secure fashion the way you manage your on-premises virtualization today. From within ConVirt, you can provision new virtual datacenters, manage virtual machines, configure security groups, automate your operations, and much more, enabling you to get a centralized view of your public cloud resources and clients:

Quota and User Management for AWS

A ConVirt Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a web-based self-service consolethat provides end users with the ability to manage a pre-defined set of virtual, cloud or physical resources. Data Center administrators define the compute, network, storage, quota, and user requirements for internal or external customers, then ConVirt automatically assembles and provisions the VDC from the available pool of resources in Amazon Web Services, and creates an easy-to-use self-service console for customer administrators to use.

Deliver Hybrid Cloud Services Combining Virtualization and Amazon Web Services

While multiple virtualization platforms are being used in the enterprise data center, Amazon Web Services rules in public clouds. IT organizations need the ability to deploy applications to both platforms, based on a well-defined set of requirements, governance and policy rules. ConVirt allows IT organizations to manage both of these sets of resources from a single pane of glass, delivering them to end customers via self-service Virtual Data Centers with well-defined quotas, isolation, and user models.

Manage Your Amazon Web Services

Access, manage, and configure all of your resources — compute, networking, and storage — across all of your Amazon Web Services infrastructure. See and manipulate all of your cloud servers in one place. Configure your networking resources such as IP addresses, content delivery networks, firewalls, and virtual private networks. Manage block storage volumes and object stores to enable web serving, content delivery, persistent data storage, and backups. And drive your AWS infrastructure services such as Elastic Block Storage and Auto-Scaling, all from a single pane of glass.

Unified Virtualization and Cloud Management

One of the most powerful aspects of ConVirt is its ability to manage across a heterogeneous set of hypervisors and cloud platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, and others. By normalizing the functionality across these platforms up to a “highest common denominator” level, ConVirt can apply a standardized set of infrastructure management tools and capabilities across them, making it easier for your IT staff to scale, and providing an easy path to second sourcing.