ConVirt Enterprise

ConVirt Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade management across heterogeneous virtualization platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen. ConVirt Enterprise extends ConVirt Open Source with the advanced automation and scalability features, including high availability, backup & restore, and dynamic workload management.

Full VM Lifecycle Management

Get rid of all those scripts and point solutions – ConVirt Enterprise is the only tool you’ll need for day-to-day management and administration of your virtualized infrastructure, including host servers, virtual machines, and related network and storage resources. ConVirt provides full lifecycle management of this infrastructure, including provisioning, configuration, monitoring, administration, and advanced automation and orchestration.

Advanced Automation and Orchestration

ConVirt Enterprise allows you to manage thousands of hosts and virtual machines in a highly scalable and secure fashion with enterprise-grade security and advanced alerting and notification capabilities. By delivering high availability, backup and recovery, dynamic workload management, enterprise integration, and storage and network automation, ConVirt Enterprise enables you to meet and exceed your service levels while using your infrastructure in the most efficient way.

Single Pane of Glass

The majority of enterprise datacenters today use multiple hypervisors. With ConVirt Enterprise as your infrastructure management solution, you are able to leverage single tool with a standarized, “highest common denominator” level of manageability across all your hypervisors. This “single pane of glass” management tool give you centralized visibility and control of your entire virtualized datacenter.

Below is a summary of the key automation and scalability features available with the ConVirt Enterprise product.

High availability

ConVirt Enterprise ensures that your mission-critical applications are always up and running by delivering a comprehensive high availability feature set.

  • Virtual machine failover
    ConVirt Enterprise continuously monitors the status of all of the virtual machines configured for high availability and automatically restarts them in case of failure, making sure that you minimize the downtime associated with operating system crashes.
  • Physical server failover
    Whenever ConVirt Enterprise detects that a physical server is down, it will automatically restart all of the virtual machines on a different server in the server pool. When setting up high availability, you can dedicate a standby server to use for failover or you can instruct ConVirt Enterprise to use its intelligent virtual machine placement capabilities, to optimize placements based on your pre-defined business objectives.

Dynamic Workload Management

ConVirt Enterprise enables you to take full advantage of the agility introduced by virtualization withpolicy-based workload management.   You can define high-level policies, such as “run the datacenter in the power saving mode” or “distribute load evenly across the server pool”, and ConVirt Enterprise will automatically re-allocate resources to meet your business objectives.   With dynamic workload management, you can meet and exceed your service levels, while utilizing your infrastructure more efficiently.

Backup and recovery

ConVirt Enterprise introduces a backup and recovery feature set, helping you successfully recover from planned and unplanned outages.

  • Scheduled backups
    ConVirt Enterprise provides backup scheduling capabilities, enabling you to specify which virtual machines should be backed up and how often. You can select individual virtual machines or configure settings at a server pool level, indicate specific backup times or optimize large-scale operations by specifying backup windows, such as “every night” or “every Sunday”.
  • On-demand backup
    Whenever you are making changes to a virtual machine, it is critical to be able to take a snapshot, to make sure that you can revert to the last working state. With ConVirt Enterprise, you can backup virtual machines on-demand with just a click of a button.
  • Restore
    Restoring a virtual machine cannot be easier with ConVirt Enterprise. You can revert to either the last known state or any of the earlier backups. Since ConVirt Enterprise backs up both virtual machine state and storage, you are guaranteed to bring up the virtual machine in a consistent state.

Storage and network automation

ConVirt Enterprise significantly streamlines the error-prone and time-consuming tasks of configuring network and storage in a virtualized environment.

  • Network Configuration
    ConVirt Enterprise provides a centralized interface for managing your virtual networks.You can define virtual host private networks or VLANs that span multiple servers in the server pool, and let ConVirt Enterprise do the required configuration, such as network bridge setup.
  • Storage configuration
    Standardizing storage across a server pool is critical to enabling virtual machine migration. ConVirt Enterprise significantly simplifies this task by automating configuration of all storage types, including NFS, iSCSi, Fibre Channel, AOE and LVM. All you need to do is associate storage resources with a server pool, and ConVirt Enterprise will automatically configure each physical server within the pool to access the shared storage.

Fine-grained access control

ConVirt Enterprise supports role-based access control, allowing you to share responsibility in a scalable way while maintaining full accountability. Based on their roles, users get automatically assigned privileges and access to managed entities. At the same time, all user actions are continuously audited, letting you keep track of the changes in your environment.

  • LDAP support
    ConVirt Enterprise simplifies user administration by supporting LDAP-based authentication and role creation, ensuring that all of ConVirt privileges are consistent with your corporate policies.

Alerting and notification

ConVirt Enterprise helps you scale your virtualization environment by enabling alerting and notification capabilities. You no longer need to continuously monitor the ConVirt Enterprise screen for failures. Instead, you can setup alerts and notification, and ConVirt Enterprise will automatically send an email to the on-call administrators when issues occur.

VMWare Support

ConVirt Enterprise enables you to manage VMWare ESXi and vCenter-based deployments side-by-side with Xen and KVM. Previously, a management tool this sophisticated for VMware users was only available to buyers of vSphere, which came with a significant price tag and restricted management to VMware platform only. For existing VMware vCenter users, there is no “rip-and-replace” required. ConVirt works alongside vCenter and is available to handle many of the most commonly executed tasks.

VMware-specific features include:

  • Centralized Management of ESXi environment
    ConVirt Enterprise enables you to monitor and manage ESXi servers from a central console. ISO-based templates can be used to easily provision multiple virtual machines. Common virtual machine operations like start, stop and connect to VM console are provided within ConVirt Enterprise.
  • Day-to-day management of vCenter environment
    ConVirt Enterprise enables you to discover, monitor and manage vCenter deployments from within ConVirt Enterprise. You can perform most of the commonly executed tasks, such as virtual machine administration, provisioning based on vCenter templates, virtual machine to template conversion, vMotion, maintenance mode, and more!

Hyper-V Support

ConVirt Enterprise enables you to manage multiple Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines side-by-side with VMware, Xen and KVM. Previously, a management tool this sophisticated for Hyper-V users was only available to buyers of System Center VMM, which came with a significant price tag and complexity. Key features include:

  • Centralized Management across multiple Hyper-V hosts
    ConVirt provides full lifecycle management of your Hyper-V infrastructure from a single console, including provisioning, configuration, monitoring, administration, and advanced automation and orchestration. ConVirt provides all the operations you need for day-to-day administration of hosts and virtual machines, including template-based provisioning, live migration, maintenance mode, and common virtual machine operations like start, stop and connect to console.
  • ConVirt features NOT present in Hyper-V Manager
    • Web console
    • Historical metrics
    • VM scheduling and retirement
    • Multi-administrator annotations
    • At-a-glance metric dashboards
    • Intelligent provisioning
    • And more!

Enterprise Integration

ConVirt Enterprise provides a full suite of integration capabilities, including an open repository, command line interface, and programmatic APIs. You can easily integrate ConVirt Enterprise with other tools, write scripts to perform batch operations, or run custom reports against the ConVirt Enterprise repository.

ConVirt Open Source Features

In addition to the scalability and advanced automation functionality outlined above, ConVirt Enterprise supports all of the features available with the ConVirt Open Source product, such as:

  • 3-tier, standards-based architecture
  • Server pool-based management
  • Templates-based provisioning
  • Monitoring and configuration management
  • Comprehensive virtual machine administration