ConVirt Enterprise Cloud

Create A Private Cloud From Your Virtualization Infrastructure

With ConVirt Enterprise Cloud, you can quickly and seamlessly transition a part of your existing infrastructure into a cloud operations model, allowing you to offer “virtualization as a service”. Leveraging ConVirt’s Virtual Data Center, you can deliver multi-tenant, isolated, fully provisioned infrastructure via a web-based self-service console to your customers.

Manage Your Private Cloud Platforms From A Single Pane of Glass

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to manage your virtualized data center and enterprise cloud from a single console, ensuring that you always have full visibility into your environment and preventing infrastructure and management silos. At the same time, you retain the ability to promptly respond to the changing demands of your business by managing the mix of how your datacenter resources are allocated between traditional virtualized applications and the enterprise cloud.

Bring Amazon Into The Data Center With Quota And User Management

With ConVirt Enterprise Cloud, you can manage Amazon Web Services from the same console as your private cloud and virtualization infrastructure. Leveraging ConVirt’s Virtual Data Center, you can deliver AWS infrastructure via a web-based self-service console to your customers with full quota and user management.

Below is a summary of key features of ConVirt Enterprise Cloud:

Setting up a private cloud cannot be easier with ConVirt Enterprise Cloud. In fact, if you already have virtualization deployed in your data center, you have all the technology you need to run a private cloud. All you need to do is with a few simple clicks designate which parts of your existing infrastructure (server pools, networks, storage, and templates) should be used for the cloud deployment. ConVirt Enterprise Coud will take care of everything else!

Hybrid cloud support via integration with Amazon Web Services

Public clouds provide a convenient way to quickly add capacity. However, that extra capacity often comes with extra management overhead, since you now need to track two separate deployments using different tools. ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to integrate your Amazon Web Service account into your ConVirt console. Then, from within ConVirt, you can provision new virtual datacenters, manage virtual machines, configure security groups, and much more. This enables you to get a centralized view of your cloud resources and clients, irrespective of whether they are hosted in your data center or remotely.

Virtual Data Centers and Self Service

Virtual Data Centers enable you to provision new cloud clients within seconds.

  • Resource limiting
    ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to limit the compute, storage, and network resources that your cloud clients can use, ensuring that they do not go above the allocated quota. Clients can continuously monitor their resource consumption via the user console, making sure that they are not surprised when they run out of resources.
  • Delegated control
    ConVirt Enterprise Cloud gives you full flexibility in choosing the extent of control you want to delegate to your clients.  Whether you choose to pre-configure everything and give the client a view-only screen, or dedicate computing resources and let the client create, provision, and manage custom applications, ConVirt Enterprise Cloud has you covered.
  • Highly-interactive user console
    Each client gets access to ConVirt’s highly interactive web-based user interface, where they can manage their virtual machines, templates, networks, and quota without having any visibility into the underlying physical infrastructure.

Full Multi-Tenant Security

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud delivers fine-grained, role-based access control, enabling you to share your infrastructure resources among multiple clients while ensuring full isolation. Clients get to see only the server, storage, and network resources that have been allocated to them.

Flexible Service Offerings

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to pre-configure a set of service offerings, such as small, medium, large virtual machines, and make those available to your cloud users. Alternatively, for clients that require more flexibility, you can enable them to create and upload their own templates. Whether using public or private templates, cloud users can provision new virtual machines with a few simple clicks.

Advanced Networking

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud gives you full flexibility in setting up networking for your cloud clients.

  • Network isolation
    By default, each client is assigned a separate VLAN in order to ensure full network isolation. Additionally, you can choose to allow clients to create a limited number of their own private networks.
  • Access to existing corporate networks
    In cases where network isolation is not required, ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to grant clients access to existing corporate networks.

Public IP Management

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables clients to optionally make their virtual machines accessible over the Internet by assigning a public IP address. You define a Public IP pool and assign Public IP quotas to Virtual Data Centers. Clients can then request a Public IP, assign it to a virtual machine, and release it back into the Public IP pool.


Optimized cloud resource usage

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud enables you to optimize your cloud resource usage in accordance with your business priorities. You can define high-level policies, such as “run the cloud in the power saving mode” or “distribute load evenly across the cloud”, and ConVirt Enterprise Cloud will automatically re-allocate resources to meet your business objectives.


Highly available cloud

You can configure high availability, to protect critical applications against virtual machine and physical server failures, giving both you and your clients a peace of mind that those applications are always up and running. Alternatively, you can provide differentiated levels of service based on availability requirements of your clients.


Enterprise Integration

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud exposes a full set of APIs, enabling tight integration with other systems, such as self-service portal.


Support for 3rd party private cloud infrastructure platforms

If you have already decided on or deployed a traditional cloud infrastructure platform, such as OpenStack or Eucalyptus, ConVirt Enterprise Cloud allows you to integrate that deployment into your ConVirt environment. You can then perform all of necessary management functions, such as provisioning Virtual Data Centers, virtual machine management, etc. from within ConVirt Enterprise Cloud, while gaining the advantage of full visibility across your entire environment.


ConVirt Enterprise Features

In addition to the cloud specific features, ConVirt Enterprise Cloud includes all of the features available with ConVirt Enterprise, including:

  • 3-tier, standards-based architecture
  • Server pool-based management
  • Templates-based provisioning
  • Monitoring and configuration management
  • Comprehensive virtual machine administration
  • Dynamic Workload Management
  • High availability
  • Backup and recovery
  • Storage and network automation
  • Alerting and notification