Easily automate your file transfers, notifications or processes

Thru OptiFLOW™

Add Automated Scheduled Transfers, Notifications and Business Application Workflows to Content Management

Enterprise content management and transactions can be complex and time consuming due to large file sizes, extensive file types and various protocols used within systems. With Thru OptiFLOW™, an easy-to-implement cloud solution, solve these issues and easily create automated business workflows between any of your enterprise applications, repositories and services. Easily schedule file transfers, synchronizations between repositories, email and SMS notifications on file arrivals and added data leak protection.

 Unlike most automation solutions, OptiFLOW works in an enterprise-style, top down approach, allowing for workflow subscription rather than workflow creation. It comes with a visual control panel which allows you to easily manage your sources, targets and processor configurations in one place.  A full audit is available including analytics charts. Robust exception handling and management tools give you the peace of mind to manage your mission critical data and to scale as your business grows.
 Whether it’s a multi-step workflow or a simple workflow, OptiFLOW ensures to improve collaboration for your team and help your users do things at speed.


The Approach

With OptiFLOW You Can

Reduce time-consuming file processes

Offload tedious file transfer jobs from employees and aging systems and use OptiFLOW to modernize your business processes.

Schedule file synchronization between various source and target repositories including out-of-the-box Amazon S3, Azure and Thru servers and easily connect to custom file repositories over standard protocols

Reduce human errors with custom filters to act on events using file and folder patterns

Perform automated file transformations including compression and conversion via Thru’s custom filter architecture

Improve efficiency with custom notifications

With OptiFLOW, easily create your own custom workflows with templates and tools. No coding required.

Reports and alerts to human actors on deliveries and failures via template-based emails

Reports and notifications to external automation systems on deliveries and failures via Web service calls

Integration with external systems via Web service calls that share the file data and metadata

Stay secure and ‘always on’

Ensure that all of your automated content and data processes are secure and compliant with Thru’s enterprise-grade security.

Maintain visibility and report any activities with Thru Audit

Protect data at all times with active antivirus scanning

Continue collaboration on slow connections by using Thru OptiBAND™ to prioritize expensive bandwidth.