Thru. Managed File Transfer

Simple, Robust Functionality

  • Unlimited size file transfers
  • Unlimited number of files or folders in the file system
  • Require recipients to log in or enter a password
  • Receive automatic ‘Read’ receipts when a recipient downloads files
  • Set expiration date for links to files
  • Large file transfer with checkpoint restart
  • Enable a secure and encrypted email message via private messages
  • Secure file transfers need to go both ways
  • External users can send users files or folders of any size or file type
    • Can create Thru Dropboxes for groups (ex. Customer Support)
    • Include link to the Thru Dropbox in an email signature
    • Place links to Thru Dropbox on the company website
  • Files are checked for viruses to ensure all incoming emails are safe
  • Mobile Applications
  • Native applications enable access and transfers of secure files
  • Web
    • Easy access to your cloud files using an device from anywhere in the world
  • Desktop Application
  • Connectors for some of the most common business applications including:
  • Mobile can send files or folders of any size or file type
    • Set an expiration date for links to files
    • Require recipient to login to download files
    • Send secure and encrypted email message via private messages
    • Ability to immediately expire links to files that have been sent
  • Open and save files from emails attachments directly into Thru virtual file system
  • Administrators control user’s ability to open in external applications
  • Enables immediately disconnect access for lost or stolen devices

Content Delivery Network

  • Utilizes a secure worldwide network of data centers to greatly accelerate uploads and downloads of files or folders
    • Rapid downloads from anywhere in the world
    • Increases transfer speeds
    • Improves throughput due to reductions in RTT, latency and packet loss
    • Increases access bandwidth redundancy
  • Guaranteed and certified global delivery
  • Adheres to Safe Harbor Rules


  • Thru’s fundamental design and architecture provides data segregation and access isolation for protection of any and all data resident on the Thru Server 
  • AES 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest
  • Password protected emails and message attachment abstraction
  • Anti-malware antivirus protection scans every bit of every file
  • Multiple servers are deployed in all tiers of the service to ensure no single point of failure and business continuity
  • Data replication to off-site data center for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Proactive monitoring and third party penetration tests

Cloud Security

  • Access Control to files in the Thru Cloud file system is based on groups and individual users rights
  • Retention rules define time files remain in the Thru Cloud
  • Access control limits (ACL) by roles and built-in security groups
  • Active directory integration and single sign-on (SSO)

Auditability and Transparency

  • Comprehensive audit trail records and stores every action on a file
  • Tracking numbers on every file transferred to facilitate auditability
  • Customizable dashboards for user analysis or activities
  • Administrator’s dashboard shows all important
    • notifications and alerts
    • amount of files, storage and transactions for the site or for individual users

Flexible and Scalable

  • Service-Oriented architecture (SOA) allows you to create new applications on top of existing solutions, increasing the value of current systems and automating new processes
  • Global network of data centers
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • 100% uptime SLA in the cloud
  • Transactions and active user pricing plans enable all employees to be put on the system
  • Mix and match deployment options
    • Multi Tenant Cloud
    • Private Cloud

About Thru

  • Globally deployed Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform
  • Built from the ground up to meet the reliability, flexibility, scalability, and security needs of enterprise customers
  • Over 10 years of innovation and experience in the cloud
  • MFT SaaS and MFT PaaS offerings
  • 300,000 business users in over 70 countries, handling billions of transactions annually