Secure Mobile File Sharing

Unsecure consumer-class file sync and share applications are often utilized in lieu of a corporate alternative at the company’s risk. Knowledge workers defect to these solutions in an effort to get work done when mobile file sharing, file syncing or collaboration is required. Engineered from the ground up with the enterprise in mind, Thru provides similar functionality while adding necessary access controls and business features.

Access Files Anytime, Anywhere

An increasing number of knowledge workers access, use, and create data outside of the office. Thru provides a way to externalize data from on-premises to mobile, enabling BYOD. Thru can be accessed from any location or device at any time, ensuring that work continues and files are secured.

  • Native application for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Windows tablets
  • Enterprise Connectors including Outlook,, IBM Notes, and SharePoint
  • Web and desktop applications
  • Leading SLA in file transfer

Thru My Dropbox™

Not to be confused with the consumer application, My Dropbox™ from Thru was created in 2004 as a way to securely receive files or folders of any size from external senders. Dropbox™ addresses the security hole that often occurs when your customers and partners also touch corporate data but do not have a secure file transfer solution.

  • Easy-to-use for customers, partners, and employees not on the system
  • Dropboxes can be configured for individuals or groups
  • Transfer files of any size with checkpoint restart
  • Full virus scanning of every file uploaded

Mobile Security

Security is a key concern with mobile devices, especially when sensitive data is placed on such a wide variety of devices with varying levels of security. Thru enables BYOD for business productivity while securing data for IT.

  • Granular administration of both users and devices
  • Remote wipe for lost or stolen devices
  • Tracking numbers for every file sent
  • Complete audit trail with reporting


Business collaboration can now consist of teams from various locations around the world working around the clock on various projects simultaneously. Providing solutions for a multitude of workflows, Thru has a solution for you.

  • Partner File Exchange Portals for secure ongoing exchange of files with business partners
  • Projects simplify information management across teams of users
  • Publishing of links or groups of links for automatic updating of content
  • Internal collaboration using groups and shared folders