Programmatic File Transfer and Integration

Thru, as a Managed File Transfer Platform as a Service (PaaS), enables businesses and enterprises to integrate managed file transfer capabilities into a corporate website or any application. Applications often include CRMs, ESBs, Help Desks, or bespoke software, but they can also include any other application that speaks Web services.

Programmatic File Transfers

The flexibility of the Thru Platform maintains complex workflows and established business processes while adding file transfer, file management, collaboration, security and auditing features. As an extremely reliable solution, Thru offers a best-in-class SLA, ensuring that business continues.

  • Transfer files based on time
  • Transfer files based on any event, such as a new file or folder upload
  • Notifications, auditing, and reporting for failed transfers or any other activity
  • Programmatic transfers from Cloud to on-premises, on-premises to Cloud, or Cloud to Cloud

Thru API

No data lives on an island. Much efficiency can be realized in making files available across different applications and systems. Thru acts as a back-end platform to enable secure, programmatic transfers of files or folders of any size and file type.

  • Extensive API with over 130 calls
  • Reporting and auditing for any activity

Integration Tools

Integration tools facilitate large portions of the Thru Platform’s functionality with minimum coding against the protocol. These tools shorten effort and time in integration, reducing costs. Some of the functionality available with these tools are:

  • Widgets for uploading to Thru and downloading files from the system
  • Send email attachments using the Thru and templates
  • Audit all file transfers with recording of successful and failed operations
  • Authentication of users