Seamless Integration with Enterprise Infrastructure

Thru enables the secure and reliable exchange of files or folders of any size with end-to-end protection of sensitive data. All files and folders stored in Thru’s system are accessed only by authorized users and are transferred directly from the Thru web portal, or by using one of Thru’s Enterprise Connectors for Microsoft Outlook® and IBM Notes®. A Connector for Microsoft SharePoint® also enables documents to be made available on a website with permissions-based access. Notifications can be set up for all transactions since all transactions are recorded and assigned a unique ID for tracking and auditing.

Secure File Transfer

 Thru secures corporate data in transfer and at rest with much more than just encryption. Comprehensive network protection and application security ensure that data is secured at all times and business continues. File transfers are protected by multiple features which can be locked down from a policy perspective or adjusted by the end user as necessary.

Enterprise Class Performance with No File Size Limitations

The Thru virtual file system is accessible from the web portal, desktop, mobile devices or via integration with third party applications such as CRMs or ERPs. Thru enables the secure and reliable upload and download of files and folders of any size with end-to-end protection of sensitive data, comprehensive tracking and reporting, and tools to manage and control user access rights.

Securing the Mobile Enterprise

In the world of BYOD and company-issued mobile devices, employees increasingly need to access sensitive files from the field or from home using mobile devices in addition to the desktop computer on the corporate network. Thru supports the mobile workforce with easy access to files while providing IT with granular administration tools and auditing features to secure sensitive data.

Programmatic File Transfer

Add compliance and security controls to existing applications by leveraging the Thru Web Services API. Integrating and customizing applications with Thru allows users to exchange data to or from any application and manage data from a central location. Improve customer satisfaction and a present a single consistent brand with Thru’s transparent customer workflow integration.

Guaranteed and Certified Delivery

Many business processes such as software distribution, engineering and construction projects require proof of delivery for revenue recognition to meet performance-based SLAs and resolve commercial or legal disputes. With an individual tracking number assigned to each transaction, Thru’s comprehensive reporting and tracking provide an unparalleled ability to perform an audit of every interaction with company data.

Thru Secure Enterprise My Dropbox™

Ease-of-use is key to winning and retaining customers and business partners. Thru’s Secure Enterprise My Dropbox™ provides a simple solution for external users to upload files and folders to Thru users. Automatic notifications are sent to both parties to confirm the files were delivered and perhaps more importantly, downloaded.

Thru Global Data Centers

Today, business is global. Information must be exchanged rapidly and securely with departments, business partners and customers in numerous time zones throughout the world. Thru’s unique global delivery network significantly reduces the latency and frustration of sending and uploading large amounts of data across vast geographical distances. With data centers on five continents, file are mirrored to selected locations to ensure low latency uploads and downloads from anywhere in the world; greatly enhancing business productivity and user experience.

Application Security

Understanding the requirements for information governance and protecting IP resonates as a key initiative throughout our product and services. Our fundamental design and architecture provide data segregation and access isolation for complete protection of any and all data resident on the Thru Server. With our n-Tier application architecture, data management and availability is managed within a virtual proprietary file system only accessible by the Thru application layer.


With the increase of high-profile security problems with consumer based file transfer apps, Thru takes precautions to ensure that application security is comprehensive and manageable. Support offers several options for user authentication including Active Directory integration and single sign-on (SSO).

Simple Administration & Self-Service Account Request

Administration of Thru is simple and accomplished from a single location. The administrator dashboard shows all important notifications and alerts, as well as the storage and transactions for the site or for individual users. Enjoy simple yet granular administration of users with control over role types and groups. Thru’s platform allows rapid increases in storage and/or users with no loss of performance.

Flexible Deployment Options

Thru offers multiple deployment options to meet your requirements. Deploy in Thru’s Cloud to leverage a global network of data centers, stay On-Premises with physical or virtual configuration, or go Hybrid to sync specified folders and leverage the benefits of both.