FTP Alternative

Thru is an FTP alternative that allows you to retire old FTP servers and do away with difficult to use technology and unattractive interfaces. The global network ensures that no matter where your customers and partners are located, uploads and downloads are fast and secure with a complete audit trail on every activity. This cost effective solution is a convenient means for you and your customers to rapidly and securely access files or folders from anywhere in the world.

File Portals

Thru provides an FTP replacement solution for convenient, secure file exchange with partners. These file portals are easily set up and allow secure, ongoing sharing, improving efficiency and decreasing costs.

  • Transfer files of any size and file type
  • Self-service user registration and password reset
  • Global network for low latency around the world
  • Custom branding

On-Demand File Transfers

With Thru, files can be sent to anyone with an email address. No users must be created and no work must be done by IT to set up accounts. This workflow allows business to work efficiently and removes the burden from IT while still securing files.

  • Secure sending from any device
  • No change in workflow with enterprise connectors including Outlook and Salesforce.com
  • Multiple security features for every file sent
  • Transfers of any size and any type of file
  • Large file transfer with checkpoint restart

File Security

Since Thru was built from the ground up for the enterprise, security has always been a key concern. Thru’s comprehensive approach to security includes network protection, data center security, application security, business continuity, disaster recovery, and external audits. Some of the more latent features needed every day include:

  • AES 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption for file transfers
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest
  • Optional policy of password protected emails
  • Complete antivirus scanning of every file

Simple Administration

Administration of Thru is simple and accomplished from a single location. The administrator’s dashboard shows all important notifications and alerts, as well as the amount of files, storage and transactions for the site or for individual users.

  • Simple but granular administration of users with role types and groups
  • Retention rules can be set for file deletion to manage storage and meet regulations
  • Comprehensive audit trail records and stores every action on a file
  • Notifications and warnings can be set for various activities
  • Flexible and scalable platform allows rapid increases in storage and users with no loss of performance