Electronic Software Delivery and Support

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) need a robust solution to rapidly and reliably transfer software to a global customer base. Additionally, ISVs must enable customer support to efficiently exchange extremely large databases files with customers, as well as deliver patches and software updates. Thru, as an expert in this industry, delivers files every day for some of the largest ISVs in the world.

Global Electronic Software Delivery

Thru’s unique global delivery network significantly reduces the latency and frustration of sending and uploading large amounts of data across large geographical distances, greatly enhancing user experience and enabling business needs to be served efficiently, irrespective of location on the globe.

  • Secure, reliable delivery of software releases and updates of any size
  • Files are mirrored to selected data centers for rapid downloads anywhere around the world
  • Geo-steering technology determines nearest Thru data center for minimum latency
  • Checkpoint restart improves the customer experience

Customer Support for ISVs

Thru Customer Support for ISVs enables secure receiving of damaged databases from customers and distribution of software patches and builds to customers. Thru supplements CRMs and case management systems to secure and improve speeds of file transfers, improving efficiency for software enterprises and raising satisfaction of software customers.

  • Enhance customer support and improve satisfaction
  • Resolve issues more quickly with rapid file delivery
  • Integrate with your existing CRM seamlessly
  • Reduce administrative overhead

Revenue Recognition

Software distribution requires proof of delivery for revenue recognition. Thru’s comprehensive reporting and tracking provide the ability to perform an audit of all transactions.

  • On completion of software download, a record is created in the CRM system, such as Salesforce.com, enabling the CRM to remain the single system of record
  • Thru guarantees 100% accuracy on revenue recognition, no erroneous delivery confirmation
  • Successful download of file, all files, and failed downloads are recorded among other activities
  • Every file upload and download is assigned a unique tracking number that can be used to audit all transactions and associated data, details of identity, actual content, and time of transaction.