Secure Thru Dropbox™

Not to be confused with the consumer application, Thru Dropbox™ from Thru was created in 2004 as a way to securely receive files or folders of any size from external senders. Thru Dropbox™ addresses the security hole that often occurs when your customers and partners also touch corporate data but do not have a secure file transfer solution, while remaining easy-to-use for anyone.

Simple Functionality

Frequently during normal business processes or collaboration, customers or partners need to exchange large files with you. The Thru Dropbox™ was developed for enterprise customers as an easy, secure way for external users to send files to users.

  • Enables users the secure receiving of files or folders of any size or file type from non-users
  • Files are uploaded directly into your file system for easy access
  • Thru Dropbox™ can be configured to send uploaded files to individuals or groups
  • Place Enterprise My Dropbox™ links anywhere on your company’s Web site, such as a support page

Thru Dropbox™ Security

The Thru Dropbox™ secures files even as they are transferred to customers or partners who do not have a secure file transfer solution. Multiple features including virus scanning enable the secure two-way collaboration on files or folders of any size.

  • Thru records the time, email, IP address, and other data for tracking and auditing of every upload
  • Files are checked for viruses to ensure all uploaded files are safe
  • Customers or partners can include an encrypted message to accompany the file
  • Optionally, administrators can require confirmation of a confidentiality, disclaimer, instructional or other type of statement before allowing the upload
  • A CAPTCHA code can be required to prevent malicious automated uploads

Customer and Partner Benefits

If it is not easy-to-use, technology adoption suffers. With this principle in mind, Thru designed My Dropbox™ in 2004 to be as simple to use as email without any training required. Precautions are taken to maximize successful file uploads through checkpoint restart and supporting multiple upload methods. Thru My Dropbox™ enables these benefits to anyone trying to upload files to a Thru user:

  • Freedom from worry about security of documents sent to any Thru user
  • Easy access to a user’s Dropbox from an email signature or company website
  • Notifications to confirm when the Thru user has actually opened the document
  • Flexibility of checkpoint restart for large files in case of interruption
  • Multiple upload including Browser, Java, HTML5, and ActiveX