Thru Security and Auditing

Thru is built from the ground up with data protection in mind, now providing enterprise storage and file transfer for over 12 years without a security breach. With a Service-Oriented Architecture SOA) design, an extensive list of security and auditing features, and an ongoing relationship with Gartner in an advisory role, Thru is well positioned to continue to be a leader in Cloud services.

Enterprise Cloud

Businesses considering migrating to the Cloud need to take a good look at security. Thru was the first Cloud Managed File Transfer vendor, but the company also provides on-premises and hybrid deployment options for companies that are not quite ready for Cloud. Security features include:

  • Worldwide partnership with Rackspace
  • Heightened cloud storage security with FIPS compliant 256-bit AES Encryption for data at rest
  • Advanced transfer security including AES 256-bit SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Full antivirus scanning of every file or folder going into the system
  • Proactive monitoring with automated threat response


A major advantage of managed file transfer over traditional tools is the ability to audit every transaction that has taken place in the system. This removes uncertainty about when and by whom files have been accessed. This is especially important in the e-discovery process. Administrators or designated administrators can search, filter, and report on:

  • Date of the transaction
  • User, group, and application used
  • Any of the 19 types of transactions recorded
  • Folder path, file name and tags
  • Thru tracking number, message state, subject, body, or private message text

Secure File Transfer

Thru secures corporate data in both transfer and at rest. File transfers are protected beyond encryption with multiple features which can be controlled, locked down and adjusted from a policy perspective or as necessary by the end user.

  • Set an expiration date for files, notifications on download of files, and an optional require a password
  • Multiple options for changing security settings or replacing or removing files after sending
  • Optional recipient authentication by policy or user discretion
  • Full antivirus scanning of every file in the system

Mobile Security

Security is a key concern with mobile devices, especially when sensitive data is placed on such a wide variety of devices with varying levels of security. Thru enables BYOD for business productivity while securing data for IT.

  • Granular administration of both users and devices
  • Remote wipe for lost or stolen devices
  • Tracking numbers for every file sent
  • Complete audit trail with reporting
  • Enable or disable users’ ability to open files in other applications