Thru Mobile and Collaboration

Unsecure consumer-class file sync and share applications are often utilized in lieu of a corporate alternative at the company’s risk. Knowledge workers defect to these solutions in an effort to get work done when mobile file sharing, file syncing or collaboration is required. Engineered from the ground up with the enterprise in mind, Thru is a comprehensive solution for file transfer, providing the functionality and ease of use comparable to consumer solutions while adding necessary access controls and business features.

Access and Transfer Files using any Device from any Location

An increasing number of knowledge workers access, use, and create data outside of the office. Thru provides a way to externalize data from on-premises to mobile, enabling BYOD. Thru can be accessed from any location or device at any time, ensuring that work continues and files are secured.

  • Native application for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Windows tablets
  • Enterprise Connectors including Outlook,, IBM Notes, and SharePoint
  • Web and Desktop Applications
  • Leading SLA in file transfer
  • Mobile security including tracking, auditing, and lockout options

Thru Dropbox™

Even if you have a solution for file transfer, your customers and partners often need to send you sensitive data. Unsecure consumer file sharing tools or regular email attachments will often be utilized to complete this. The Thru Dropbox™ enables users on the system to securely receive files of any size from anyone.

  • Securely receive files or folders of any size
  • Access a Thru Dropbox™ by a link on a website or email signature
  • File uploads using Browser, Java, Active-X, or HTML5
  • All files are checked for viruses to ensure incoming files are safe


Links to a single file or a collection of files can be published to websites or sent in emails for external users to download. For collections, new files can be placed in the collection folder, automatically updating all the links.

  • Activate, deactivate or delete collections with a click
  • Require registration and/or statement approval to access files
  • Visibility into when, who and where each transaction on a file takes place
  • Administrators determine what files or collections are published

Partner File Exchange Portal

Ongoing file exchange among business partners using multiple FTP servers usually requires IT assistance, which may be time consuming and complex. Using email to exchange files is equally problematic due to file size limitation and inadequate organizational infrastructure. Thru solves these issues and brings sanity to the file exchange process by offering a single portal for secure collaboration between business partners.

  • Visibility into all files shared among partners from a single portal
  • Set access controls for partners unique to the required business processes
  • Self-service onboarding and management of partners to minimumize burden on IT
  • Notifications, reporting, and full auditing on every transaction on every file for all partners
  • Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment options


For many industries, such as architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), all files revolve around a project. The Thru system enables the creation of any number of folders in the project directory. As files are sent from the Thru Connector for Microsoft Outlook, the user selects the appropriate project and attachments are stored in that project folder.

  • Seamlessly collect disparate files in one location
  • Enables costing and chargebacks to a specific client, project, partner, department, or individual based on usage
  • Search functionality to select a project
  • Enable only a subset of projects to various groups of employees