Thru Flexible Deployment Options

Our Cloud — Your Cloud — On-Premises — Hybrid (Cloud & On-Premises)

Thru’s Managed File Transfer application offers multiple deployment options to meet your requirements.

  • On-Premises – Deploy Thru server on your premises to meet these requirements.
  • Hybrid – Deploy in the Cloud and On-Premises. Sync specified folders and leverage the benefits of both.
  • Thru Cloud – Leverage Thru’s Global Network of Data Centers around the globe. Keep data in your territory and cache it around the globe for fast delivery.

Thru deploys to meet your needs


  • Various configurations: Single Server or VM Deployment, Multiple Server or VM Deployment
  • Communicates with any other Cloud or On-Premises portal
  • Employees can achieve wire speeds


  • Wire speeds when on-premises; global access to data when off-premise.
  • Access to global data centers to sync specified data globally
  • Ability to speak with any other instance of Thru

Thru Cloud

  • Sync data centers around the globe for low latency uploads and downloads
  • Deploy instantly with no hardware
  • Reduce IT and administration costs