Thru Managed File Transfer Architecture

Thru is a global network with a multi-tier and multi-component service-oriented architecture. Each component of the structure communicates in a loosely-coupled manner, which allows Thru great flexibility in terms of deployment methods, custom integrations, and custom service processes.

SaaS Applications and End Points

SaaS Connectors include Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes,, and SharePoint and are ready out-of-the-box, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android. Thru provides multiple endpoint connections to the system that enable file transfer scenarios that are not possible with other technologies, including:

  • Enable business logic not available to most FTP and SFTP servers
  • Direct integration to the Thru File System
  • Custom integrations for CRMs, ECMs, custom software, or any application that speaks Web services
  • Connect to Thru from API or REST Web services
  • Connect to Thru using FTP or SFTP servers

Core Server

The core server for Thru consists of the Thru File Exchange utilizing a relational database and a virtual file system, where every activity is logged for audit. The File Exchange component can be integrated with other technologies such as ESBs, while the database stores all metadata of activities including:

  • IP address
  • User email and name
  • Uploads and downloads
  • Successful or unsuccessful transaction
  • Timestamp for every transaction

Service Processes

As a comprehensive solution for file transfer, Thru supports custom extension services. These custom services could be anything from integration with a CRM or antivirus that is not supported out-of-box, to workflow or other custom processes. Some of the services offered include:

  • Workflow and notifications
  • Expiration of files
  • Retention rules
  • Purge
  • Custom extension services


Thru’s Service-Oriented Architecture SOA) architecture with loosely-coupled components enables the support of multiple forms of deployment including: Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid. Additional features facilitate speed of deployment.

  • Cloud storage of data is contained to one geography based on governance or compliance rules or can be synced to data centers across the world for low latency
  • On-premises deployment with ability to communicate with any other portal, whether Cloud or on-premises
  • Cloud deployment with a 100% uptime SLA
  • Self-service on-boarding with an approval workflow
  • Active Directory integration

Content Delivery Network

Business is becoming increasingly global, and expectations of secure and timely data continue to rise. Whether the goal is to exchange data within a multinational organization or with partners or customers situated around the globe, the Thru Global Network enables businesses to store and transfer data securely and rapidly around the globe.

  • Significantly increases transfer speeds via TCP acceleration technology
  • Enables rapid downloads from anywhere in the world via synced global data centers
  • Increases access bandwidth redundancy
  • Improved throughput due to reductions in RTT, latency and packet loss