Thru Managed File Transfer Features

Thru Managed File Transfer Platform enables storage, sharing, collaboration and auditing of files or folders of any size. As a flexible and scalable solution, Thru secures corporate data by empowering knowledge workers to securely send files of any size from both email and mobile clients. Files can be transferred programmatically or in an ad hoc fashion, where users send files on demand. Utilizing common business applications, Thru’s easy-to-use enterprise connectors provide a short startup time with virtually no training required.


Thru is a global network with a multi-tier and multi-component service-oriented architecture. Each component of the structure communicates in a loosely-coupled manner, which allows Thru great flexibility in terms of deployment methods, custom integrations, and custom service processes.

Security and Auditing

Thru has over 10 years experience providing transparent Cloud security. Our SOA platform is designed from the ground up with data protection in mind, FIPS 140-2 cryptography, while allowing seamless information exchange. Each file sent receives a unique tracking number, while every action taken on any file or folder in the system is recorded and fully auditable.

File and Folder Transfers

Thru specializes in secure transfer of files or folders of any size or file type to any location in the world. This includes on-demand file transfers between individuals, mirroring files between servers, and programmatic file transfers based on time or events. As a flexible and scalable solution, Thru works through all the details to ensure an easy and secure experience for both the sender and the recipient.

Mobile and Collaboration

Thru Mobile File Sharing allows access from anywhere using any Web enabled device. Native applications for iPhones, iPads, Androids phones and tablets, and Windows tablets are complimented by a mobile Web application. The Thru Secure Dropbox™ enables users to receive any size files or folders from external members who are not on the system. Collaboration features also include Publishing and Projects, complimented by the Partner File Exchange Portal for secure ongoing sharing.

Thru Dropbox™

Not to be confused with the consumer application, Thru Dropbox™ from Thru was created in 2004 as a way to securely receive files or folders of any size from external senders. Thru Dropbox™ addresses the security hole that often occurs when your customers and partners also touch corporate data but do not have a secure file transfer solution.


Thru deploys in the Cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid model. A global network enables data to be stored at any of our data centers located across the globe for low latency to any location. Administration is robust and simple, including rapid onboarding, retention policies for file deletion, and options for customization.