Connector for IBM Notes

Most companies use email regularly to transfer files, but email was not designed to send and recieve large file attachments. The Thru Enterprise Connector for IBM Notes allows companies to expand their email messaging environment and achieve greater value and efficiency. Users can quickly and easily send files without size limitation, data storage or bandwidth issues.

Send Files Securely and Improve Performance

Unburden your IBM Domino server using the Thru Enterprise Connector for IBM Notes:

  • Offload large files to the Thru platform automatically, optimizing email server performance and increasing server capacity
  • Implement automated policy enforcement; Thru automatically detects large files, key words, and specified file types and sends them securely, with no separate user action necessary
  • Replace unsecure FTP servers by incorporating file transfers into existing email processes

Streamline Workflow with Thru Enterprise Connector for IBM Notes

Securely send, track, and manage any size file or folder directly from IBM Notes:

  • Distribute, collect, assess, and track files without changing email workflow
  • Send files from IBM Notes and Microsoft SharePoint simultaneously using Thru’s active directory and single sign-on (SSO) functionality
  • Send encrypted messages easily without certificate exchanges using Thru’s secure messenger

Expand Messaging Functionality

Thru offers the only integrated solution for secure email in IBM Notes:

  • Transfer large files and manage attachments with end-to-end security and auditing capabilities
  • Add expiration and password-protection functionality to control access to messages in motion and revoke access on demand.
  • Control file policies, including expiration, exceptions, and content monitoring, either at the individual or IT level