Comprehensive Managed File Transfer for the Enterprise

Managed File Transfer

Manage transfer and storage of files with visibility and auditing. The Thru Managed File Transfer Platform is a comprehensive solution for managed file transfer across businesses and enterprises. As an extremely flexible solution, the Platform is well known for satisfying a multitude of use cases and workflows. The topics below are the most common use cases and almost all organizations face several of these problems.

Secure File Transfer

Securely send files on demand with no change in workflow. Important data and intellectual property in business and the enterprise are susceptible to theft. The most common form of manged file transfer, sending files as email attachments, does not provide sufficient protection for sensitive corporate data. Thru provides a secure file transfer and convenient solution to empower knowledge workers and secure file transfers.

Enterprise File Sync and Share

Secure access to corporate data from any device and location. Unsecure consumer-class file sync and share applications are often utilized in lieu of a corporate alternative at the company’s risk. Knowledge workers defect to these solutions in an effort to get work done when mobile file sharing, file syncing or collaboration is required. Engineered from the ground up with the enterprise in mind, Thru provides similar functionality while adding necessary access controls and business features.

FTP Replacement

Efficient, scalable, outsourced solution for managed B2B file transfer. Thru is an FTP alternative that allows you to retire old FTP servers and do away with difficult to use technology and unattractive interfaces. The global network ensures that no matter where your customers and partners are located, uploads and downloads are fast and secure with a complete audit trail on every activity. This cost effective solution is a convenient means for you and your customers to rapidly and securely access files or folders from anywhere in the world with Thru Managed File Transfer software.

Integration and Programmatic File Transfer

Access, manage and transfer files from any application. Thru, as a Managed File Transfer Platform as a Service (PaaS), enables businesses and enterprises to integrate managed file transfer capabilities into a corporate website or any application. Applications often include CRMs, ESBs, Help Desks, or bespoke software, but they can also include any other application that speaks Web services.

Electronic Software Delivery and Support

Deliver software with CRM integration and revenue recognition Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) need a robust solution to rapidly and reliably transfer software to a global customer base. Additionally, ISVs must enable customer support to efficiently exchange extremely large databases files with customers, as well as deliver patches and software updates. Thru, as an expert in this industry, delivers files every day for some of the largest ISVs in the world.