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Managed file transfer (“MFT”) manages the secure transfer of data from one computer to another through a network. Managed file transfer software is offered to corporate enterprises as an alternative to using ad-hoc file transfer solutions, such as FTP, HTTP and others.

Typically, Managed file transfer offers a higher level of security and control than FTP. Features include reporting (e.g., notification of successful file transfers), non-repudiation, auditability, global visibility, automation of file transfer-related activities and processes, end-to-end security, and performance metrics/monitoring.

ViaCloud MFT solutions are available as both on-premises licensed software packages and software-as-a-service (“SaaS”). ViaCloud MFT Solutions are enterprise-focused and also manage the additions of new trading partners, which can free up a lot of IT resources.

ViaCloud Managed file transfer applications are characterized by having all or most of the following features:

  • Support multiple file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP, SCP, AS2, and HTTP/S.
  • Securely transfer files over public and private networks using encrypted file transfer protocols.
  • Securely store files using multiple data encryption methods
  • Automate file transfer processes between trading partners and exchanges including detection and handling of failed file transfers.
  • Authenticate users against existing user repositories such as LDAP and Active Directory
  • Integrate to existing applications using documented API
  • Generate detailed reports on user and file transfer activity.

Managed file transfer

Set up and manage transfer jobs from one central location. Access Diplomat Enterprise Edition via a browser without installing on your local system.

Design file transfers to or from FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, or email servers. Diplomat’s intuitive point-and-click interface means no more time-consuming programming with events, triggers, and “do” loops.

Select source files by date, sequence number and other wildcards. Then, process when all required source files are available.

Reduce time deploying new file transfer jobs. Save source, destination and PGP key settings for use in multiple file transfer jobs. Create and validate new file transfer jobs, then merge only the new jobs onto a production system.

Thru Managed File Transfer

Thru enables the secure and reliable exchange of files or folders of any size with end-to-end protection of sensitive data. 

All files and folders stored in Thru’s system are accessed only by authorized users and are transferred directly from the Thru web portal, or by using one of Thru’s Enterprise Connectors for Microsoft Outlook® and IBM Notes®. A Connector for Microsoft SharePoint® also enables documents to be made available on a website with permissions-based access.

Extend the functionality of and provide users with a secure, streamlined file transfer platform with the Thru Enterprise Connector for Salesforce. Users can exchange proposals, quotes, specifications, design drawings, and contracts quickly and easily with the Thru Salesforce Connector.

Thru Managed File Transfer

MOVEit is an automated file transfer system that lets you manage, view, secure and control all activity through a single system.

MOVEit is an automated file transfer system that lets you manage, view, secure and control all activity through a single system. You will always know where your files are with predictable, secure delivery and extensive reporting. MOVEit reduces the need for IT hands-on involvement and allows for user self-service as needed. 

MOVEit™ is a comprehensive automated file transfer system that gives companies the ability to:

  • Manage all file transfer activity from a central location
  • Transfer sensitive business files reliably and securely
  • Automate file-based business processes
  • Enable employees to manually send files
  • Gain greater visibility over file transfer activity
  • Meet security and compliance requirements
  • Deploy on-premise or in the cloud