Unified Management of Your Virtualization and Cloud Platforms.

What is ConVirt?

Data center administrators are struggling to manage multiple hypervisor silos and private cloud initiatives. The adoption of public cloud resources like AWS outside the data center is only making the problem worse. Down in the trenches, administration is splintered across a huge number of tools and technologies, making day-to-day management inefficient, unnecessarily complex and error prone. This dramatically limits IT’s agility, and keeps costs high.

At Convirture, the answer is a management solution that bridges platforms and pools resources to fix this fragmentation problem.

The ConVirt Advantage

With ConVirt you can pool, automate and orchestrate your heterogeneous resources to eliminate your fragmentation problem:

  • Consolidate management under a “single pane of glass” across platforms
  • Manage, monitor and troubleshoot the full VM lifecycle from one console
  • Orchestrate your server pools, storage, and networks from a single place
  • Extend your data center management to Amazon Web Services
  • Automate your infrastructure based on policy
  • Orchestrate and provision your resources with Virtual Data Centers


ConVirt for Virtualization and Cloud Platforms

While ConVirt is built to bridge all your virtualization and cloud environments, it also fills specific capability gaps in individual platforms to deliver a “highest common denominator” level of manageability across the data center. In fact, many of our customers start off using ConVirt for a single platform, then expand to bring the rest of their platforms under ConVirt’s unified management umbrella.

ConVirt for VMware

Add a web-based self-service console to your current VMware deployment, quickly build an Amazon/VMware hybrid cloud, and much more...

ConVirt for Hyper-V

Give your customers a web-based self-service console, build a hybrid cloud with Amazon and Hyper-V, and much more...

ConVirt for KVM

Centrally manage your KVM deployment from a web console, add high availability/workload management/backup & restore, let your customers use a web-based self-service console, and much more...

ConVirt for Xen

Add centralized, web-based management to your Xen deployment, add high availability/workload management/backup & restore, give your customers web-based self-service, and much more...

Cloud Management

ConVirt for Amazon Web Services

Get centralized, web-based management for your OpenStack deployment, add web-based self-service for your customers, and much more...

ConVirt for OpenStack

Add quota and user management to your Amazon Web Services deployments, bring high availability/workload management/backup & restore, create hybrid clouds combining Amazon with your virtualization resources, and much more...