Synthetische Transaction Monitoring

Remote Synthetische Transaction Monitoring geeft continue de gebruikerservaring van bedrijfskritische webapplicaties of ze nu gehost binnen het eigen netwerk van klanten of door een externe partij. Ervaar wanneer uw kritische webapplicaties slecht presteren en identificeer ONMIDDELLIJK de problemen vanaf externe locaties of vanaf wereldwijd internet locaties.

Monitor Any Web App Like It’s Your Own

Synthetic monitoring gives you continuous visibility into end user experience of business-critical web apps from the perspective of remote sites and global internet users.

Just Because it's Up Doesn't Mean it's Working

Measure performance, functionality, and availability directly from the user's perspective, using a real web browser.

  • String together up to 20 commands, execute them back to back, measure the result, and get alerted when important workflows take longer than they should.
  • Replay scripts from a consistent environment to highlight any change in your application performance.
  • Debug issues quicker by seeing exactly which pages and assets fail to load, down to specific JS, CSS, or AJAX resources.

Every Detail of the Transactions that Matter

Pinpoint changes to your application down to the minute. Every detail is stored for 30 days, showing exactly where the problem started, whether it's in the browser, the network, or in the application itself.

  • Store high-detail 5-minute checks for 30 days, and trending performance data for up to a year.
  • Know if the network is holding back web app performance and what you need to do to fix it, fast.
  • Drill down on any asset, and see everything. It’s like running Firebug. As somebody else. Last week.

Performance Directly from Actual User Locations

The best location to measure end user experience of your web applications is from where your users are located. AppView deploys anywhere, combining the performance perspective of Internet users and specific offices.

  • Monitor from 8 locations around the world and immediately start monitoring any application.
  • Deploy directly from your office or customer location, and see exactly how users at that location see their apps.
  • Combine usage from multiple monitors to identify trends in across different locations that affect groups of users.