Automated File Transfer

Ipswitch MOVEit Automation File-Based Automation

Distracted from business critical activities because your file transfer processes are manual, complicated or scattered across multiple systems?

MOVEit Automation provides a simple but powerful user interface for defining business workflows that anyone on your IT team can use. With MOVEit Automation you can automate tasks like pushing and pulling files to/from any FTP server based on events or schedule, manipulating/transforming file content, managing files for transfer, storage or deletion. moveit central file automation diagram MOVEit Automation Architecture (click to enlarge)

MOVEit Central lets you: Quickly and easily create file-based tasks without programming Enhance security by automating transfer of files outside the firewall–eliminating external access to trusted networks Replace unreliable manual processes or legacy scripts that are difficult to adapt to your agile business Add visibility and auditability of the entire file movement process

Depending on your file automation requirements, there is a MOVEit Àutomation product edition that will work for you:

Coviant Diplomat Centrally Control Managed File Transfer

Diplomat Managed File Transfer automates, integrates and controls both internal and external secure file transfer.

Like it or not, technical glitches with secure file transfers are inevitable. Network outages, missing files, and incomplete transmissions eventually crop up. You need a better way to centrally control secure file transfer.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer software resolves most transient problems with no intervention. After a brief pause in the file transfer job, retrying a failed operation typically succeeds. No need to diagnose the problem or rerun the failed job. The problem is corrected automatically. When more complex problems occur, file transfer administrators need immediate visibility of the issue and the tools to quickly diagnose and resolve it – before business managers and trading partners are notified.

Thru OptiFLOW™- Easily automate your file transfers, notifications or processes

Add Automated Scheduled Transfers, Notifications and Business Application Workflows to Content Management

Enterprise content management and transactions can be complex and time consuming due to large file sizes, extensive file types and various protocols used within systems. With Thru OptiFLOW™, an easy-to-implement cloud solution, solve these issues and easily create automated business workflows between any of your enterprise applications, repositories and services. Easily schedule file transfers, synchronizations between repositories, email and SMS notifications on file arrivals and added data leak protection.

Unlike most automation solutions, OptiFLOW works in an enterprise-style, top down approach, allowing for workflow subscription rather than workflow creation. It comes with a visual control panel which allows you to easily manage your sources, targets and processor configurations in one place. A full audit is available including analytics charts. Robust exception handling and management tools give you the peace of mind to manage your mission critical data and to scale as your business grows.

Whether it’s a multi-step workflow or a simple workflow, OptiFLOW ensures to improve collaboration for your team and help your users do things at speed.

FileCatalyst WorkFlow- for all your file transfer needs

FileCatalyst Workflow is web portal for all your file transfer needs. It simplifies file exchange and boosts productivity by streamlining submission, distribution, and file sharing workflows on the web. By integrating directly into your corporate infrastructure, FileCatalyst Workflow makes receiving files easy by acting as an online file submission inbox for anyone outside of your network submitting files into your organizational workflows. FileCatalyst Workflow also turns file distribution via email into a simple task by enabling users to securely send files to any email address.

FileCatalyst Workflow combines three powerful web-based managed file transfer workflows: submission, distribution, and online folders.t

  • Used for “distribution”, FileCatalyst Workflow solves the problems of file transfer size and speed by acting as a middle-man for the file transfer process. Files are sent to the FileCatalyst Server with acceleration and management, and then recipients receive an email for downloading the files (also with acceleration and management).
  • Used for “submission”, FileCatalyst Workflow creates a web portal for uploading files and also collects any information (meta-data) needed to process those files (for example, processing instructions or quantity of goods ordered). Files and meta-data combined are called a “job”. Jobs may go through any number of phases while being tracked through the system until finally reaching the completed state.
  • With FileCatalyst Workflow as the central storage location for one or more “web folders”, users have remote access to shared or personal files from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Both upload and download are supported, and sharing can be at individual account or group levels. Group folders along with read/write permissions can be assigned to any number of users.